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Inspired by classics in the Roguelike genre, Pocket Realms is a game that will test your cunning and determination as you battle hordes of monsters, evade deadly traps, and make your way to the heart of the randomly-generated Dungeon of Doom. Only the bravest will be able to reach the untold treasures at the bottom...

The full versions of the game also come with all 40 character classes unlocked from the start.


  • 40 quirky character classes, each with their own special abilities and play-styles
  • Over 300 unique enemy types to battle
  • Over 800 items with which to hone your creativity
  • 200 magical spells allowing deep character customization
  • Over 20 secret dungeon floors to explore
  • Weapon crafting, armor crafting, item crafting and food crafting
  • You can even marry a medusa!

Also available on the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android systems.

Version 1.4: Fixes

- Various bugfixes and rebalances, made mining work better, buffed Wizard, changed certain shopkeeper inventories
- Changed the way Blessed Teleport scrolls work and in general made them more useful
- Added a new branch, which should hopefully make religion easier

Love it? Hate it? Have comments? Hit me up at: jravengame@gmail.com

StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Release date Apr 07, 2018
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreRole Playing
TagsDungeon Crawler, Retro, Roguelike
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Smartphone


Buy Now$1.00 USD or more

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Pocket Realms Linux.zip 41 MB

Download demo

Pocket Realms (Mac) Lite.app.zip 40 MB
Pocket Realms (Win) Lite.zip 36 MB
Pocket Realms (Linux) Lite.zip 41 MB

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Can I somehow transfer PC version to iOS version? I bought it for PC, but can I get also iOS version with it? I would gladly pay $2 for it, tho!

Also, i'm experiencing same problems with resolution of screen. Waiting for fix!

And a suggestion - add a button that's leading into main menu, because sometimes i want to restart the game losing my character on purpose, but game doesn't let me to do so.

Hi there! Thanks for checking the game out!
Unfortunately, as far as I can tell there doesn't appear to be a good way to link iOS or Android purchases to itch.io purchases, nor to host mobile files on itch.io... I'm very sorry, but it looks like they would have to be bought separately.
About your problem: have you tried exiting the game from fullscreen mode? On windows it should be either 'command-F' or 'alt-enter' to switch I believe. Though this is far from a perfect solution, so I'll definitely be working on doing more fixes to resolution for the next update.
And also, you can forfeit your character and get back to the main menu by using the "Quit" Button in the additional information tab. Just press around where your health bars are and you'll get more options. Hmm, that could probably also be made more clear in-game...
Thanks again!

I think I found the problem!
If you will alt+enter and then alt+tab to another window, then game scales up a lot and makes screen to be a lot bigger than it should be. My resolution is 1680x1050.

Hmm, interesting. Thanks for the heads up on this, I'll definitely have to do more testing on the matter.

(3 edits)

pls make a choise what player can pick from a tile where a lot of things lie .. rly annoying to drop stuff from inv every time when u get drop lile : shield .. axe .. ring we need only ring for instance, but we still have to pick up shield and axe in order to reach that ring .. Iphone 5s vers

That's a pretty good idea. I'll work on it for the next update!

Hey, I bought this a few days ago and just fired it up. It doesn't size right to my screen win 10  laptop. Some of the buttons are off the screen.  And there is no save function.?


Hi there! Thank you so much for your purchase!

Sorry to hear it isn't displaying correctly. I'm planning to include more resolution options in an update that will be released in a few days, so I really apologize for the inconvenience. But, as for the save function: the game saves automatically when you turn it off, so no need to worry about that! :) Thanks again for the feedback.

Looks like shiny gem, playing near an hour love it .. feels like LOTA content will be here

Thank you so much for trying the game!
Glad to hear you're having a good time with it! :)